International Women’s Day

On this day, I think it appropriate to talk about self-love because the world over, women battle messages intended to mislead them into believing that however they are, they’re doing it wrong.

So when did you really start loving yourself?

For me, the journey began right after I gave birth to my middle child, my first girl–and watched her basking in all her female perfection.

I could see how incredible every single part of her was.  And especially, I adored her feet.

Then I realized that those were the same feet I had looked down at my whole life — with utter disdain. . . .  It dawned on me: we are made of the same stuff, she and I.  How could I ever teach her to love herself if I did not love what she is made of: me.

Since that realization, I have worked on cultivating within myself the same self-compassion I want to see in my children.

When did you start to love yourself? And if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?

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