In Praise of Frivolity

Spring is sprung. It is a good time to remember that even nature herself recognizes that winter ought not go on forever . . .

Life requires hope.

In dark times, when the whole world is disintegrating and everyone quietly questions whether the center can hold, it can be easy to succumb to the temptation to believe that only grave matters should receive your attention.

But that is a mistake.

In terms of character, one who exclusively peddles in gravity and is just as reproachable as one whose mind centers solely on matters of whim and fancy; and all things light, fluffy, and marketable.

 Never forget:

Seriousness of purpose pairs exceptionally well with a light spirit. 

There are many of us that, on our path from cradle to grave, have come intimately to know the underbelly of humanity, the rot-stained alleys of worldly existence.

For them especially it is important essential to listen to brooks that babble and little kids that giggle.  For them especially, learn to feel the sensation of gently warmed oils as that soothe the skin.  For them especially, remember to count the clouds and the differing shades of blue showing-off in the March skies.

Deliberately celebrate the frivolous matters of life.  Because these are beauties life has also given to you.

And—as always—all things in moderation.


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